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Brave Face HeadRest Night Drops 45ml

Life Pharmacy Orewa

HeadRest natural sleep remedy helps you fall asleep and stay asleep - because when you’re well-rested, you’re unstoppable. Formulated with Passionflower to calm your mind and Chamomile for a sedati...

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Brave Face CoolHead Day Spray 45ml

Life Pharmacy Orewa

CoolHead stress relief spray helps you restore calm and focus in times of stress. Don’t just face the challenge. Rise to it. Formulated with Passionflower and Manuka honey to calm the mind plus Got...

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Brave Face Junior Good Mood Chews (60s)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

Good Mood Chews daily supplements are designed specifically for juniors ages 6 to 18, helping them stay calm, happy and positive – whatever life has in store for them. Two Chews a day help bring c...

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BraveFace Jr Lets Dream Drops 150ml

Life Pharmacy Orewa

 Let’s Dream Drops herbal night liquid helps kids and teens fall and stay asleep. Its natural apple flavour will be enjoyed, and its combination of Passionflower, Chamomile and Magnesium relax bot...

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BraveFace Junior Stay Cool Spray 30ml

Life Pharmacy Orewa

Description Be chill. Stay Cool Spray has been designed specifically for kids and teens to support calm and relaxation in stressful situations. This herbal day spray is formulated with Passionflow...

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Brave Face Livecalm Capsules 56

Life Pharmacy Orewa

Stay calm and centered with these Brave Face Livecalm capsules. Formulated with natural ingredients like ashwagandha and lemon balm, these capsules help to reduce stress and anxiety, while promotin...

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