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Medical Devices

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Combur 6 Test Strips 50

Life Pharmacy Orewa

The Combur 6 urine test strips are used for detection of glucose, protein, nitrite, urobilinogen, blood and leukocytes. Combur urine test strips stand out thanks to their high sensitivity and ease ...

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Welllab Bowel Fob (Faecal Occult Blood) Test (1 Test)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

What is the Bowel FOB Test for? The Bowel-FOB Test is a self-test device that allows you to check the presence of occult blood in stools, in order to verify the existence of any gastro-intestinal l...

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Welllab Thyroid-Tsh Test (1 Test)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

What is the Thyroid-TSH test for? The Thyroid -TSH Test verifies TSH levels in the blood (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), to highlight any change to normal thyroid function. Checking the level of the...

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Welllab Prostate-Psa Test (1 Test)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

"What is the Prostate-PSA Test for? The Prostate-PSA Test records the level of PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) in blood, to check for a possible change to normal PSA levels. What is PSA? The P...

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Accu-Chek Softclix Kit

Life Pharmacy Orewa

1-Click is all it takes. Priming and releasing are now combined into a simple 1-Click action. As with our pRevlonious lancing devices Clixmotion technology has also been integrated into the Accu-Ch...

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Drug Test Kit - Marijuana And Methamphetamine 2 Pack

Life Pharmacy Orewa

These are for simultaneous detection of marijuana and methamphetamine (P) in urine. Reliable being 99% accurate Fast with results in 5 minutes Simple - One easy step

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Welllab Iron-Fer Test (1 Test)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

"What is the Iron-FER Test for? The Iron-FER Test detects the concentration of ferritin in blood, in order to define a possible iron deficiency in the body. Several clinical studies have shown tha...

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Drug Test Kit - Marijuana Test 5 Pack

Life Pharmacy Orewa

Single tests for the detection of marijuana (commonly known as weed). These are a rapid, one step test for the qualitative detection of THC in urine. Reliable being 99% accurate Fast with results ...

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Drug Test Kit - Multi Drug Integrated 1 Cup Test

Life Pharmacy Orewa

The Multi-Drug Test Cup is an immunochromatographic assay for rapid qualitative detection of drugs of abuse and their principle metabolites in urine at specified cutoff concentrations. It is a one...

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Welllab Ovulation-Lh Test (5 Tests)

Life Pharmacy Orewa

"Understanding fertility with OVULATION-LH What is the Ovulation-LH Test for? The Ovulation-LH Test detects the levels of Luteinizing hormone LH in urine, determining the usual peak which prec...

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